Dushan's Website

In memory of Lata Ragini Boodhena (1973-2019)


Mailing address



                      Dushan BOODHENA
                      106 Oodhorah Lane,
                      Monseigneur Leen Avenue,
                      La Louise,
                      Quatre-Bornes 72501,
                      Republic of Mauritius.

Mobile phone

+23057347414 (SMS only: all voice calls rejected)

Electronic mail

You can request study materials by email only if you study in Dushan's class at school! Just send him your full details (name, surname, residential address, scanned and attached copy of your student ID, phone number, mobile number, school and class that you are currently attending, official e-mail address, etc.). You also have to explain why you need these materials before you can receive them. This is to ensure that these materials will not be used for commercial purposes.

Because of the size limit of email attachments, you should request materials for only one chapter at a time.

Thank you for not contacting Dushan for private tuition!

E-mail Dushan!


Dushan's residence:

  1. Alight at La Louise (Kalimaye) bus stop.
  2. Enter Monseigneur Leen (Fraternité) Avenue, adjacent to a filling station and opposite to that bus stop.
  3. At 8-10 minutes' walking distance, you will see a Municipal Multipurpose Hall on your left [Centre Polyvalent Municipal].
  4. There is a bare land followed by Oodhorah lane on the right and opposite to Dignité avenue.
  5. Enter that lane.
  6. Dushan's house is the first white, storeyed house on the right.

Reaching this site

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