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The Driver And His Elephant

The Driver And His Elephant

Once an elephant driver was passing through a market mounting his elephant. He was very thirsty. He saw green coconuts for sale. He bought one, drank the milk of the coconut and satisfied his thirst. There was kernel inside the coconut. The driver wanted to eat the kernel. He found it convenient to break the coconut on the elephant's head. He hit the coconut on the elephant's head. Then he ate the kernel.

The elephant was much hurt. Now, the elephant are by nature every revengeful. This elephant also wanted to take revenge on the driver. The next day the elephant was again passing by that place in the market. The driver was sitting on the elephant. The elephant picked up a green coconut from a shop with his trunk. Then he raised his trunk and hit the driver hard again and again with the coconut. The poor driver could not escape. He could not never think that the elephant would take revenge in this way. Being thus struck hard repeatedly he was killed by the elephant.

Extract: 30 Wise Moral Stories


The Human Odyssey...

The earliest remains of the Homo sapiens yet discovered dates back to 300,000 years. We probably evolved in the African region, but then migrated to the rest of the world. Although our physical appearance changed over time, our race didn't: we remained human beings.

Remains of the world's earliest religious worship site have been discovered in Botswana, where our ancestors performed advanced rituals, worshipping the python some 70,000 years ago. So many religions have emerged and disappeared that no religion can claim superiority over other religions.

The central problem facing our planet is human overpopulation. Today there are over 7 billion beings on Earth and the population is still growing. There are too many people and not enough resources for all of us. Yet, we are not addressing this problem responsibly. Do you really think your life will be better if there are more people of your colour or your creed on Earth?

Initially used as fire for light, heat, cooking and for safety, energy has been harnessed by humans for millennia. Today, fossil fuels have become our main energy sources. This is leading to climate change and global warming.

The Earth has entered a new era called anthropocene, which marks the beginning of the sixth mass extinction. Many species have already disappeared from the planet and our days are numbered...